Credit Checking

Quickly and confidently verify any customer or supplier, ensuring they are financially stable and trustworthy before entering into any business agreement.

Call Service

Outsource to an experienced credit control team to help you improve cash flow by reducing debtors. Personal and professional.

Email Statement Reminders

Put an end to late payments and manual chasing tasks, by setting up schedules to send out polite payment reminders to your customers.

SMS Payment Reminders

Increase your chances of getting paid and reach customers in the most effective way possible, with SMS invoice chasing.


Improve your chances of getting paid by instantly giving your customers access to multiple payment options.

Debt Collection Services

Don’t write off bad debt without trying to use a friendly collections service tailored sepcificially to your business,
Interest | Financing | Collection Agency

Optimize your accounts receivables from onboarding to reconciliation

On board


Customer database cleanse
Non-Contact Client List
Timeline Reminder Schedule
Customise Template Design



Branded Call Scripts
Personalised follow-up calls
SMS Reminders
Automated Email Reminders



Weekly Reporting Summary
Get paid faster
Introduce late payment fees
Utilise Collection Agencies

Are you struggling with managing your aged receivables, leaving valuable revenue on the table? Is the burden of collecting overdue payments affecting your business’s cash flow and overall financial health? It’s time to consider the game-changing solution of Aged Receivables Outsourcing!

Here’s how our service can benefit your business;
Custom Branded Strategies
Increased Cash Flow
Expertise and Experience
Customized Strategies
Advanced Technology
Improved Customer Relationship
Cost Savings

  • PromptPay customers get paid faster
    Our clients have experienced the following
  • More than halve outstanding debt
  • Receive Payment 32 days sooner
  • Save up to 80% by outsourcing
  • We form part of your business and collect for you
  • From as little as little as $75 p/w
  • $399 + GST onboarding intro offer

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